About Us

Conflict Consultants Network (CCN) is comprised of professionals who have extensive experience in the public and private sectors, as well as the academic community.  CCN principals serve as consultants, leadership and conflict coaches, facilitators, mediators, and arbitrators on matters impacting for profit, not for profit, and federal and state governmental agencies. The approach by CCN is highly strategic and individualized to meet the short and long-term needs individual needs of each client.

CCN principals base all of their professional services on the following core values:
  • Prevention
  • Responsiveness
  • Timeliness
  • Individualized service
Though CCN principals are very skilled in the facilitation, mediation, and arbitration of matters that have “matured” into some level of interpersonal or organizational conflict, principals also are very adept in providing superior consultation, training, and coaching sessions for an organization’s leaders, employees, and governing boards. For example, professional development sessions focused on the development of critical communication skills for effective leadership and interpersonal engagement, are designed with an intimate understanding of the client organization, including its culture, mission, and strategic goals. The following additional services also are available: training on all forms of dispute resolution; individual negotiation coaching and the facilitation of large multi-party, multi-issue disputes; social audits; organizational governance effectiveness; and evaluation of existing dispute resolution programs. CCN is prepared to assist you to address your most challenging organizational need.