Peggy J. Van Scotter

Peggy holds a full-time appointment at Marquette University School of Dentistry managing risk, crises and conflict. She manages patient issues, safety, prevention of legal exposure and risk, infection control and quality assurance. She is a part-time consultant and mediator in private practice. Her background has enabled her to understand issues within the healthcare arena as well as scientific research. She has worked with scientists, clinicians, criminologists, specialists in medicine, forensic science and dentistry.

For several years, Peggy was a law enforcement officer in the State of Wisconsin. Her patience and active listening skills were honed. However, her interest in science led her to complete her PhD and she became a forensic odontologist. She found her passion in mediation when she completed the graduate program in Dispute Resolution founded by Eva M. Soeka. She wanted to apply that training and work in the arenas that spurred her interests: science, healthcare, bioterrorism, and law enforcement.

In 2010, Peggy was the only American participant in the European Forensic Congress “Crossing Borders” in The Hague, Netherlands. She brainstormed solutions to forensic science problems and worked to improve international cooperation in criminal investigations and atrocities committed in Third World countries. She understands the hierarchical scientific workplace as lab environments often lack effective communication and prevention strategies. She is a member of the International Association of Conflict Management (ICAM) and the American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS).

Though her background and training are unique, Peggy is attuned to cultural competency and has the emotional intelligence to professionally handle difficult situations. As a confidential neutral, she is a diligent mediator and listens to every viewpoint to help others move forward. She welcomes opportunities to manage disputes involving international NGO’s, foundations, intergovernmental agencies, insurance companies, hospitals, Medicare/Medicaid fraud, intellectual ownership and authorship, and research laboratory tensions. Her mediation resolutions aim to improve transparency, quality and safety issues, public relations and reputation records while decreasing litigation payouts, high staff turnover rates, and inefficiency.

Peggy holds master’s degrees in Dispute Resolution (MDR) and Public Service (MAPS) from Marquette University. She also holds an Interdisciplinary PhD in Law, Dentistry and Anthropology and certificates in Gerontology & Law Enforcement.