EducationDispute resolution relates to the field of education in many ways. Historically, public schools have been subject to a process of collective bargaining. This can involve training for school and teacher representatives as well as actually “sitting at the table.” In service training for school personnel on daily conflict management is also a growing aspect of this field.

In 1997, federal statutes provided for a option of mediation when a due process complaint was filed by the parents of a child with special needs. Subsequent federal legislation extended this to anytime there was a disputes between parents of a child with a special needs and the school district. Since that time, many states, including Wisconsin, Ohio, and Minnesota, have established special education mediation systems and have trained mediators for these disputes. In addition, many states have now attempted to facilitate the forming of independent educational programs. (IEPs)

Another way that dispute resolution affects the field of education is in the recent attempts to train school personnel and students to prevent bullying, both in person and through electronic means. These efforts have created a need for training programs and individual coaching for all of the stakeholders in the educational process, school personnel, students, parents, and community members. With the pervasiveness of the the internet, these programs will only grow in the future.