Nonprofit Organizations

Dispute resolution is integral to the effective management of nonprofit organizations. Those who lead and serve a nonprofit organization are not driven by the production of profits, but rather be a deep commitment to an organization’s mission, vision, and values – as well as to the community the organization is dedicated to serve.

The leaders of a nonprofit have a number of significant responsibilities including, for example, support for the organizational mission and vision; protection of the organization’s assets and authorization of the resources necessary to advance its strategic goals; and the establishment of policies and procedures to ensure legal compliance and adherence to ethical norms that undergird the performance of one’s duties and responsibilities.

In the course of meeting one’s individual, fiduciary and legal duties to the organization, conflicts may and do arise regarding such matters those mentioned above, as well as the direction of the organization; leadership style and decision-making; succession planning; management of actual or apparent conflicts of interest; and the oversight of resources.

As CCN principals, our deep understanding of and nonprofits and their governance structures, as well as significant experience in the management of complex issues at the leadership level, has positioned us to provide effective facilitation of disputes across all departments and at all levels of decisional authority. In addition, we work closely with nonprofit boards and organizational leadership in the design of professional development programs to assist in the prevention and/or better management of those factors that lead to conflict. We also provide in-depth leadership coaching for nonprofit leaders, focused on leveraging an individual’s skills and strengths to enhance one’s supervision and communications, both with internal colleagues and external stakeholders.