Organizational Governance

Dispute resolution is integral to organizational governance in many ways. For example, those charged to lead colleges, universities and other nonprofit organizations as directors, regents, trustees, and executives must increasingly address some of the most complex issues of their professional lives.

It is not unusual for many of these issues to be layered with conflict as leaders, key constituencies and other groups give voice to their positions and interests. Absent effective application of essential dispute resolution tools, prolonged conflict can be costly, compromise productivity and morale, and impede the attainment of strategic goals.

As CCN principals, our deep understanding of higher education and nonprofit governance, as well as significant experience in the management of complex issues at the leadership level, has positioned us to provide effective facilitation of organizational disputes across all departments and at all levels of decisional authority. In addition, we work closely with boards and organizational leadership in the design of professional development programs to assist in the prevention and/or better management of those factors that lead to conflict. We also provide in-depth leadership coaching for organizational leaders, focused on leveraging an individual’s skills and strengths to enhance one’s supervision and communications, both with internal colleagues and external stakeholders.