workplaceDispute resolution plays an integral role in the workplace. For example, the nature of work and how we work has been profoundly impacted by Covid; the demands of a 21st Century economy; the contrasting expectations and demands of 4-5 generations in the workplace; the application of legal compliance and enterprise risk management requirements; and the lack of consistent approaches regarding professional development for those tasked to supervise a wide variety of departments and work teams.

The inevitability of conflicts – some of which have a lifespan of months or years – create a level of dysfunction that can be costly, resulting in legal fees related to the management of formal grievances or legal claims, the loss of employees who do not wish to work in a toxic environment, and the failure to remain focused on the implementation of strategic goals.

CCN principals have deep experience and expertise in providing support to businesses and nonprofit organizations in the management of conflict through professional development and leadership coaching programs, the implementation of dispute resolution systems, the facilitation of conflict resolution during the earliest stages of a dispute, and the mediation of formal disputes.